Snowboarding in The Southern lakes New Zealand


If you are looking to go snowboarding in New Zealand, then you want to check out the Southern Lakes. Here you will find some of the best places to go snowboarding and skiing. One of the most popular places to go is Lake Wanaka, which has three resorts nearby. New Zealand weather is a little different because their winter is from June till until early September and by the end of September it starts to feel like spring.

Best Places to Snowboard in The Southern Lakes

Other places to go snowboarding in the Southern Lakes is Canterbury, which has small fields and Mt. Hutt, which has a six hundred and eighty three meter mountain and is one of the biggest in the area. Selwyn District has six areas that you can snowboard and is the closest place that you can snowboard near Chirstchurch. Here you will find Mt. Cheeseman, Temple Basin, Broken River, and Craigieburn Valley, which are popular mountains in the area.


Mackenzie has similar snowboarding fields to Canterbury and has some other fun things to do to accompany your snowboarding. Lake Tekapo has hot pools and an ice rink along with Mount Cook National Park that has tours. Queenstown is the most popular of all of the resorts to go snowboarding because they offer their guest so much more. This resort is very big and is fun to visit year round. They offer activities like bungee jumping and jet boat riding and they are near Coronet peak and They Remarkables, which are two big hot spots for snowboarders. And this resort caters to beginners and seasoned pros on their fields. And you can even go snowboarding at night on Friday and Saturday.

If you are want to go snowboarding in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand, then you want to do all of your research because there are so many mountains that you can snowboard on, you might have to consider using a helicopter to get to some of these mountains. New Zealand is one the best places that you can visit if you are a serious snowboarder. It doesn’t matter what part of New Zealand you visit because the mountains in the area are a great place to board. That is why New Zealand is one of the most popular places to go if you want to go skiing or snowboarding. They have an endless supply of mountains and snow for snowboarders and skiers.

Queenstown, What A Place to Holiday

The whole of the Southern Lakes area of New Zealand is stunning in my view. From Fiordland to Wanaka we have it all. If are looking to stay in in the Queenstown area and there are a few of  you then may i suggest a luxury holiday home as an option.

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After Fiordland, Visit Queenstown

If yo have visited Fiordland you would of been blown away. Well Queenstown is just as stunning  and if you are in this part of the world you will stop by.

There are many types of accommodation providers in the Queenstown area. From motels, holiday homes and backpackers. If you are looking for a Queenstown Hostel, then check out as they offer affordable accommodation in the heart of Queenstown.

When visiting New Zealand There Is A Place You Have To Visit

The Fiordland area!!!!

I personally lived in Queenstown for about five years before I finally jumped in the car with my now wife and drove to to Milford Sound. First town to hit is Te Anau, a tranquil little town half way between Queenstown and Milford Sound situated on a beautiful lake.

From there it is a two drive up past the lake, through the Homer Tunnel, to Milford Sound. Check out this video below of the area.


Once you are here there is plenty to do, check out for all of your accommodation and activity needs

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One product activity i can recommend to do is to do a Doubtful Sound Cruise. Whether it be over night or just a day cruise it is a must to do while in the area. Nothing better than getting out on the water to explore this amazing area.